TSST TS-H653A (SH-S183A) in Dell XPS410

:clap: I just purchased a new Dell XPS410 and it shipped with the TSST (Samsung?) TS-H653A DVD ±RW with SATA connections (sweet :smiley: ). I always like TWO DVD RW’s in my one computer instead of the traditional one DVD “player” & one “recorder” and usually I prefer both the same make and model DVD ±RW’s. Since this computer is only two days old, and I (shockingly) just heard of the disappearing BENQ’s (which just a year ago were everywhere) I am totally lost as to which DVD ±RW I should buy for my “other” (second) unit… and please remember, it MUST be SATA and not P-ATA. Should I just go out and buy ANOTHER TS-H653A ??:confused: Thanks !!

I just got the same configuration from Dell. I’m also learning about this drive, so I’m by no means an expert. I’ve previously owned BenQ 1620 and 1640 drives. I was surprised to learn that this Dell doesn’t support P-ATA drives at all. I’m trying to decide whether to get an interface for my BenQs. I’m leaning toward just buying a SATA Lite-On from newegg.com. I’m not sure which model just yet, as I haven’t researched that.

The TS-H653A is the same drive as the Samsung SH-S183A. That’s what most folks here call the drive. I’m trying to figure out how to crossflash to the SB01 firmware. Right now I’m stuck with the Dell firmware. I’m sure there is a crossflash utility somewhere. Anyway, my drive came with D300 firmware. You can find the D400 firmware on Dell’s website. I haven’t flashed to it yet, so I can’t vouch for it. The couple of burns I did with D300 turned out pretty good.

I don’t think BenQ even makes SATA drives (at least none that are readily available in the US), so you’d have to get an interface that plugs in the back of the BenQ drive and allows you to hook SATA cables to it. There are alos PCI IDE cards that you can get. My understanding of all that is very limited, though. The General Hardware Forum seems to be the place to find out about that stuff. See the IDE controllers threads. From what I’ve read, it sounds like running a P-ATA drive through that SATA interface can be really challenging. That’s why I’m leaning toward getting a SATA Lite-On.

:confused: Which model Lite-On did you decide on ??

I am anxious to get a “second” DVD ±RW into my new Dell XPS410 A.S.A.P., and like I said before, use the one that came with it as the "player !! Soooooooooooo much easier to “dupe” music CD’s for me… just place the orig. CD in the “top” and “burn” in the bottom drive.

:disagree: Personally, I would NOT “stray” from the SATA in the Dell XPS410 to ANY sort if “IDE” (P-ATA) and especially with ANY sort of “adapter” !!

B.T.W. I have a BenQ 1640 and it’s great, but it’s in another one of my computers that is running great (actually the Wife’s :)) and I refuse to take it out of that one… older chassis, bolted in, real P.I.T.A. if you know what I mean !!.. (the COMPUTER I am talking about, not the “Wife”)

Anxious to hear of the SATA Lite-On you are thinking of…

Well, it turns out there is really only one Lite-On internal SATA writer, the SH-16A7S. I read very good things about this drive in the Lite-On forum. Newegg is currently out of stock. When they get them back in, I’m going to order one. :slight_smile:

Retail version

OEM version

There is also a Plextor on newegg, but it’s over $100! :rolleyes:

:iagree: The Lite-On SH-16A7S-06 (retail) for under $40 was the one I thought YOU were speaking of, and ONE of the ones I was thinking og buying too !!

:confused: I was also thinking of buying “another” SAMSUNG, the SH-183L OEM (NewEgg) for under $47. This would somewhat “match” MY CURRENT Dell “Samsung” (SH-S183A) that is in my XPS410, not that it really matters, I guess… but I really DON’T want LightScribe, NO need for it…

:confused: Last on my list of three was the very expen$ive PLEXTOR 755SA at just under $106 at NewEgg… has a 2 MB buffer, but is it worth paying two or three times as much as the others ???
Honestly I have heard lots of “great” reviews and many, many “bad” reviews…I’m very confused…

Thanks for the reply…


as it seems, that all SATA DVDRW drives (except for the Plextor) are marked as “out of stock”, you might have to find another supplier.
As second drive, you should get one with different properties than your existing one. See if you can get a LG or a Pioneer drive. Or get the Plextor if you want to spend that much money.


I’ve never seen LG or Pioneer SATA drives. Any idea who might carry them online?

Yes, you are sooooooooooo right… EVERY site I searched is “OUT OF STOCK” on the LITE-ON or the SAMSUNG, except for the over priced PLEXTOR :a … is the Plextor “worth” the extra, extra $$$$$$$$$$$, is the “quality” way, way up there as it once was, years ago when it was “The KING” ??

Please remember, I want to stay with SATA and have not found any Pioneer or LG, other than Blu-Ray stuff… am I looking in the wrong places :confused: ??

I found the Litey on ZipZoomfly. I’ve never ordered there, but I’ve read good things from other CD Freaks. :slight_smile:

It’s $41.80 w/ free shipping, so a couple bucks more than the OEM newegg carries, but at least it’s in stock.

Litey at zipzoomfly

Good news! The Lite-On SATA drive is back in stock at newegg. I just got an email from them.

Litey at newegg.com

I went ahead and got the Lite-On and a SATA cable from newegg. The total cost was $40.92 shipped. Can’t wait till it gets here! :bigsmile:

If you snooze, you lose. They are out of stock again.

Here’s how you do it, it worked for me :slight_smile: :