Tsst ts-h552l does not read discs anymore

Ok, running windows xp with service pack 2.
running tsst ts-h552l

It will no longer read anything, windows says “this device is working properly”
but I load any dvd and a message comes up " insert media"
any cd or movie and I get the same responce " insert media" and in my computer no name shows up on my dvd drive icon.
I unloaded, as much copy software that I could find, still no good.

I believe it’s a windows problem somewhere.


I am having the same exact problem with the same drive. Everything was working correctly for about a year and now nothing happens when any disk is inserted. A green light flashes on the drive a few times and thats it.

I noticed this happened roughly the same time I installed a new 8500gt video card and downloaded some new video codecs. I think this was a coincidence.

I am curious if this is a software issue before I go out and buy a new drive. I thought that flashing to a newer firmware may help but have been unsuccessful in finding one.

I have the same problem too. I’ve tried everything. I’m not used to giving up. I’ve googled and read tons of suggestions but nothing has worked. No driver or firmware update anywhere for this product. This really sucks!!!

Anybody else have any success>>???

  • Ruben

I would try removing the Lower Filter string from the registry
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE; SYSTEM; CurrentControlSet; Control; Class
You will see a lot of Keys with letters and numbers that make them up in here, just click on each one and go down the list until you find the key for the DVD, (usually about 5 or 6 down the list) expand this and then look for the string with Lower Filter and delete.
Hope this Helps