TSST TS-H552B doesn't work with blank CDs

My H552B has stopped to recognize blank CDs. I’m not sure when the problem has started so I’m not sure what could have caused this. My drive works fine with DVDs, audio CDs and software CDs, but I can’t burn any CDs afterall my drive doesn’t recognize them.
Could this be just a driver/software problem? Afterall drive works fine with DVDs or can it be broken so, that it doesn’t work right with CDs.
Ask for more details. I’m not too experienced with optic drives so I’m not sure what would be the information to crack this problem.

I noticed my drive doesn’t recognice any cd-r discs. It didn’t recognize audio disc I had burned when my drive still worked properly. New Firmware didn’t help.
I noticed IMAPI CD-burn COM service had been disabled. I enabled it and restarted. After restart it was disabled again.

I can’t get IMAPI CD-burn COM service enabled so it will be enabled after re-boot too.

Why would you want to use this “crap”?

Use a real burning app instead.

Somehow I didn’t get it. In your opinnion what is crap? My drive? IMAPI?

The IMAPI Burn Engine.
It’s just a Packet-Writing software which generates more trouble than anything else…

Okay. Note number one: keep IMAPI disabled.
What then? I re-installed nero, didn’t help. I removed the IDE cable, which my CD/DVD drives are connected and restarted. then connected it again and re-booted, didn’t help.
All out of ideas.

What Nero version is running, is it a OEM, retail or bundled version?
Does it recognize the burner correctly? Have you selected the burner under “recorders”?

Nero 7 premium. Don’t know what you mean with OEM/retail/bundle.
It recognizes drive correctly and it’s under recorders, afterall I can burn DVDs.

I am having the same prob will not read any burnt or blank cd-r media at all (pressed silver seem to work fine) dvd+/-r work fine. when u insert a blank or burnt cd-r the light just keeps blinking and u can hear the laser trying to figure out what it is untill it times out. I have no prob burning or reading dvds. ive seen a couple people w/ this prob. anyone have any answers?? -edit- i have also tryed the drive in another comp same prob!

How would you ‘hear a laser’ ???