TSST SH-224FB buffer level at 0%



Hi guys :). I have bought a TSST SH-224FB (SB00) dvd burner. I burned many DVDs with no problem but I saw that the buffer level stays always at 0% during the burning process. Could someone tell me why? Thanks in advance.


Hi there.
What software are you using for burning.
Maybe there is a problem with the older software and your drive which is a fairly new model.
So maybe there is some sort of conflict here?


Thanks for answering and Merry Christmas :slight_smile: I am using Nero Burning. I thought it could be something concerning burning software so I tried different version on Nero from 12 to 15 but the problem is always the same.


Merry Christmas to you too.
Could you try burning with Nero cd-dvd speed?
This utility has a buffer level indicator.
Otherwise, i wouldn’t worry about it as long as your discs are burning fine.


I will try. Thanks :slight_smile: