Tsst SH-182M problem

Hello all. Newbie here.

I have installed a SH-182M but it won’t read a CD and is showing up on “My Computer” as a DVD-RAM drive. Looks like it is setting up my D: drive an empty version of my C: hard drive.

Device Manager says my SH-182M is installed and working but I just can’t find in “My Computer” and the drive won’t read CD’s or DVD’s.

If I uninstall the DVD-RAM drive through Device Manager and re-start my computer it looks for new hardware as a CD-ROM drive, then sets it up as a DVD-RAM drive.

Have I confused everyone? Or am I the only one confused here?

Any suggestions?


You have the jumpers on the back of the drive set correctly?

The 182M is a DVD-RAM drive so that’s how it’ll show up anyway.

As already suggested check the jumper settings.

I’ve narrowed the problem down to the following:

  • I checked the jumper settings. Tried both cable-select and separate master/slave settings. Neither works.
  • The drive will read and play DVD’s but will not read commercial CD’s or a blank. I’ve tried several different CD’s. Some are not recognized. Others spin and the light blinks constantly, but nothing happens. It just freezes the PC until I eject and remove the CD.



So the drive can handle DVD media, but not CD media? Since this sounds like a bad drive, contact your dealer for a replacement under warranty.



I called Samsung and they said the same thing. I wasn’t aware that there were two different pick-up mechanisms.

Samsung has offered to give me a replacement.

Thanks for advice.