TSST - S182D/IDBH problem

Hi cdfreaks
i just bought a Samsung 18X DVD writer SH-S182D/IDBH the day before… i havent been able to write a DVD-R/CD-R since then… i have installed the SB04-cdfreaks firmware too… i could however write a DVD-RW and a CD-RW… it doesnt even recognize any media in the drive… it pops up a window saying that a Blank CD/DVD has been inserted… btw, am running Windows XP SP2… Please help me out guys… i am miserably running out of time… should i exchange the drive if possible… ???



P.S: i now inserted the DVD-RW which i burnt and that is recognizable… no other DVD’s are… am in a fix… plz help out

When i insert a blank dvd or a blank cd, the drive changes from DVD-RAM Drive(E:) to CD DRIVE(E:) and if try to open it by double-clicking , it shows up an error ‘Incorrect Function’

This also happens after burning a DVD. The newly burnt dvd is not read and it says ‘Incorrect Function’. Then I eject and insert the dvd a few times it starts reading. After sometime when i insert the same dvd , it again doesnt read and I’ve to eject and insert a few times before it starts reading again.

Guys… hoping to hear from you

Thnks in advance…


Check to see if you have an 80 wire cable that connects to the drive.
Check to see that the wire is installed correctly on the drive.
Check to see if you are splitting power to the drive with another device, if so, change power feed so it only feeds the Samsung. Make sure your Power Supply is adequate.
Check to see that you have the drive jumpered correctly for the IDE chain it is on, ie, Master/Slave/Cable Select (the latter only if all IDE devices are Cable Select, and you have the correct cables to do so(80 wire).
If all this fails or even 1st, try the drive in another computer, if it works OK, then trouble shoot the above. If not, RMA the drive.

I wonder what you expect from a windooze that has no dvd burn support?!??

hi sandyjain,

i amhaving the exact same problem and i thought it was a copy protection error becuase the shop guy told me that the drive has a very good reputation. then i returned it to samsung and finally they are replacin the whole drive with a new one. dont wastye time on it and avail your warranty :wink:

Thnx guys…
i changed my drive from TSST to LG GSA H12N on 22nd of December… trust me this drive is a beast… i will surely write a review for this model…

btw, ajay… did u get your self a TSST SH - S182D again… or u changed the brand as u got it replaced??

Hey disninit…i tried all these things as u mentioned before asking for a replacement… thanks for your valuable comments!! :clap: