TssT L633A AC00 Won't Read Cd/DVD's

I have searched EVERYWHERE. I have read the miniFAQ, attempted every SC* firmware upgrade from both the US and Korean sites, even the lousy Automatic Live Updater from SamsungODD. Nothing seems to be compatible with my drive.

For the record, running Windows 7 on Aspire 5515 with TssT L633A (says B on the physical label of the ODD) version AC00. My drivers are the basic W7 default. I have no idea how crossflashing works, other than the idea that it seems to be simply flashing compatible FW to run my drive. Any help to get this running would be GREATLY appreciated.

Also, Nero Drive tool shows it to read and write everything properly, but upon inserting any format of disc, it just acts as if nothing is in the drive.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Hi and Welcome!

if your drive can’t handle any disc at all, then this is not firmware related.
Either the drive hardware is faulty, or there is some severe misconfiguration of your operating system.

Please try to boot your laptop from a bootable CD (or DVD) in order to rule out Windows related problems.