TSST L632H Nero burning problems

Hello all,
I m back here after a long long time and the new format of this forum looks cool. Even the url ha changed. At first I thought I am on the wrong site.

Anyways, my problem:
I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 with TS-L632H(DW30 firmware:latest) slim DVD writer with Windows 7 installed. I use Nero vision to create DVD of movies in avi format to play them in the DVD player. While doing so I first burn the image using Nero vision to the hard disk and then burn it. Now whenever I try burning this image using Nero Express onto a MBI 01RG40 DVD it Nero Express is always stuck at 1% and then even after waiting for sometime it fails. If the same image is burned using imgburn it burns perfectly well. I have had to throw about 5 to 6 DVDs due to this Nero vision related problem. Kindly help.

P.S. Where exactly are the logs for Nero Vision 9?

Hi, welcome back :slight_smile:

since this is a Nero related problem and not a problem with your drive, I’ll move this to the Nero forum :wink: