Tsst l632 tray wont open

From reading on the forums, these drives seems really bad. I just got a brandnew HP laptop, opened the dvdrw drive once to play a dvd, the disk got stuck inside and wont open. I tried the paper clip trick to get the disk out, but will wont open using the eject button.
Fullname TSSTCORP CD/DVDW TS-L632M. I tried upgrading the firmware for it, using firmware found on the Toshiba website, but it says no drive detected.

Let’s see if we can’t get your drive to open up. :slight_smile:

You said you tried to use a paper clip to open the drive? How did you do it? I just tried (have the same drive in an hp laptop) and found it a little cumbersome, although it eventually worked after shifting the paper clip around and pushing with slightly more force.

Can the drive still read the DVD in it, or at the least, does the drive spin up when you power on the the computer? Typically, the drive won’t really spin up if the tray is physically ejected, which might be helpful to know. (The drive is still powered when opened while the computer is on, but it just won’t spin up.)

There’s a way to get the Samsung firmware for the drive on there, too, but I’d like to try these steps before you flash your drive. [Besides, SC02 from Samsung isn’t too much better than 0817 from hp.]