TSST L532A master / slave / cable-select problem

Whenever my Toshiba laptop boots up I have to wait about 1-2 minutes while the bios searches for my DVD-RW, then it fails, and the message
0203: IDE #2 FAIL [boot?] [run setup] appears. Running setup only offers the option to change boot device order, which does nothing.

The last time this happened, I think it was because my drive had been flashed c-select, and I need a master drive. That old drive had Dell firmware and could not be altered.

So then I ordered this new (L532A) drive. I was told that it would be master. I still get the same message when I boot up. What is different is that I can read / write DVDs with no errors. However, it takes over an hour to burn and verify a disc. This may or may not be the IDE selection’s fault. I think it probably is.

So my one idea is to find a different firmware and try to change the select type. The current firmware is TI51. I went to this page:
http://hijacker.rpc1.org/toshiba/index.php?path=TS-L532A/ and found TI94 firmware, which I presume is an upgrade. However, sadly, it is for c-select! I don’t see any inverse c-sel for this fimrware. I’m wondering if I can use a different firmware designed for the L532A, and inverse-selectify it? Can I do that with the TI94 firmware? Is it safe to use any of the firmwares on this page? Is this even really the problem?

To help diagnose - here is my Infotool info: http://solagin.com/images/misc/infotool.jpg

[strikethrough]here’s a speed test: [/strikethrough] can’t read DVD-RW, so definitely a problem there.

If you think it might be a different problem, please let me know. Please let me know if I can give you more details.

Check your DMA setting. Make sure that it is enabled. If not, you will burn slow. If the drive is recognized, then you have the proper cable setting.

hmm, My drive gets recognized only after Windows starts, and it was the same way with the previous drive that I had, which I know was the wrong cable setting.

Also - how to explain that it can’t recognize DVD-RW? It’s either the wrong cable setting or a POS drive.