TSST-H552U can't read CD-Rs

A few days ago, my computer died on me. When I took it to the shop, they were able to isolate the problem to be the processor and the motherboard. I used to have an AMD1800 processor. Since there weren’t any AMD processors at the store at the time, I was forced to buy a pentium chip and consequently a new motherboard.

Now, my computer is powered by a Pentium 4 2.6Ghz processor with an ECS P4VMM2(8.1) motherboard.

Now my problem is this: with this new configuration, I’ve noticed that my drive can no longer read CD-Rs. It can read DVDs, DVD-Rs, and original CDs just fine. What’s weird is, even the CD-Rs that the H552U drive burned only a few weeks before are no longer readable.

I tried reading the discs with my old CD burner (ASUS) and met with no problems.

I even tried upgrading the firmware to the latest, and still nothing.

Any of you guys have an idea on what the problem is?