TSST firmware AU30 with SS

Here is screenshot:

I try samsung l462a and this U301ELS.BIN there is info “the firmware is not compatibile with device…”

i was trying sfdnwin.

Any ideas?

BTW. This is in my Asus A6000 notebook model A6Ne with default drive.

Thank in advance,

Don’t mess with it or your drive becomes useless.

you mean best way to do smth with this is put to warraty service?


what is the problem with the drive? Hardware issues normally cannot be cured with firmware updates.
Also, notebook drives are customized for the notebook manufacturer, so a HP notebook (just an example) and an Asus one seem to have the same drives (according to the name), but they are slightly different and have different firmwares. You can’t flash your Asus version into a HP version. For newer firmware, you have to check with the manufacturer of your notebook.