Tsst dvd ts-l632d firmware flash

[qanda]This thread is about the Toshiba DVD±RW IDE 8x Black. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello, i am new to this. I have a tsst ts-l632d toshica dvd in my dell e1705. I tried to flash the firmware and now it doesn’t boot. says not there. NEED help to flash in dos which i have no idea how to even start. I had deo4 and the flash i did was incorrect and now does not even show up in computer. I know stupid, but can someone walk me thru a dos flash.


what firmware did you try to flash? Normally, I would expect the flasher to refuse working if the firmware does not fit the drive. :confused:

I guess, you have already read the [B]Read First[/B] article about How to flash firmware?

Go to Dell support website, and search for TS-L632H. D400 and D600 firmwares come with a DOS flasher. Extract the flasher and follow the instructions given on Dell website in order to flash original DE04 firmware (of course you have to change the command since you don’t want to apply 632H firmware on your 632D).


thank you, i will try that. I have searched this for over a month and tried many thins, except your post. Thank you, I am very new, Mike