Tsst corp TS-H653f rpc1 firware -help to find or make it



All good afternoon!
I badly speak on English. Your help is necessary to me please. I searched on your site and other sites of the Internet for a firmware rpc1 for Tsst corp TS-H653F dwd rw much. I could not find it. On a site samsung there are no firmware for TS-H653F.
Speak SH-S223F and TS-H653F identical models. New original firmware for SH-S223F it was not flashed in to TS-H653F. I used “Tsdnwin.exe-nocheck” and a firmware “SH-S223F_SB01.bin” Who can make a diskette rpc1 for TS-H653F? How to unload original a diskette from TS-H653F for change? How to make crosflash TS-H653F ==> SH-S223F? Codeking has made utilities, but they have not helped me. Thanks.:bow:


Hi and Welcome!

you might start with haveing a look the FAQ article which is mentioned in my signature :slight_smile:

Your drive is an OEM version sold to the manufacturer of your computer. For firmware, check the support website of your computer manufacturer. Samsung does not offer any support for OEM drives.

Provided, you have a working stock firmware for your drive, RPC1 patch can be applied either with Codeking’s Patch Utility (CPU) or with MCSE. If CPU does not support your drive’s firmware, then try MCSE.



firmware "SH-S223F_SB01.bin(with rpc1&disable riplok, Samsung SH-S223F) ====>>crosflash in to Tsst corp TS-H653F.Device working very good.
I use Tsdnwin.exe-nocheck &sfdnwin.exe -nocheck


i have TS-H653F as well and was wondering where i can find

SH-S223F_SB01.bin(with rpc1&disable riplok, Samsung SH-S223F)

preferably same as you have since i want be sure that flashes correctly.

also since idk how to crossflash (but i probably figure it out) is [B]Vista[/B] supported to perform this operation?

any help will be greatly appreciated!