TSST Corp TS-H652D

My dvd drive has stopped running, I have Vista basic , it keeps coming up can not start code #10. Can anyone help??

Did you check the ODD under device manager? Does it give you any hint as to what error 10 is? My error is 19, but I also receive a message that says my problem is in the registry - not with a device driver or firmware.
Still looking for support from Samsung. Downloaded the user manual for drive. Trying to reinstall drive (probably Plug and Play) to see if it will rewrite its registry entries.

I have been having this problem for awhile now. I wanted to play a dvd rom game and it would stop installing half way through. I then tried to copy files from the game and all of them wouldnt copy. Then when I tried to open that specific file it, my computer would not respond. During installation I got an error that would say, verify that the file exists. So apparently, my cd/dvdw isnt reading the disc properly. I have looked all over for firmware, cant find because mine is up to date. I know i should be able to install this game because i do have the minimum requirments and I actually took a minimum requirments test online that read my system. I dont know, and am very confused. Can anyone help? I can watch dvds, play cds, but files on the dvd games are tough to read. I can view some, just not all. Maybe a duel layer problem???

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does this happen with all game DVDs or only with a few?
Give, these discs are unscratched original discs, I would contact the game manufacturer for advice.
Very often, it’s the copy protection that’s causing trouble.

If you want to take the risk, you can flash your drive to Samsung SH-S182D SB07 firmware. The release note mentions “Game CD support”. See my signature for further details.

Also please tell us the firmware version of your drive. You can use Samsung Wininquiryutility to find out.



sorry bout that…

OEM Code: GA

I know that the dvd rom game does work because I have been able to view these files that from another computer and I have installed it on another computer. I noticed that my computer will not download these dvd-rom games. As for flashing new filmware… i have already tried that… it says that my drive isnt compatible with the sh firmware… it seems like it almost wants to read the information but then stops whenever i look too deep into the files on the dvd-rom game…
fyi…the game is enemy territory quake wars…again, i have passed the miniumum requirments test!


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I have a Cuestion, I need to replace the driver(software)

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drivers for optical drives are part of the operating system. You can’t replace them.