TSST corp SH-S182M doesn't see DVD's

A few months back I bought the SH-H182M DVD burner and it burns and plays CD’s just fine. I am also able to play most DVD’s. But now I bought a PC DVD (The Settlers-Rise of an Empire) and the the SH-H182M just doesn’t see it. The DVD works fine on my husbands computer. Can anyone help me?

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please run Nero Info Tool and tell us, what firmware version is present on your drive.

If I remember correctly, then there were some firmware updates to help increasing the readability of some game discs.


The Firmware Version is SB05


Try latest SB06:

Product Performance (DVD Game DISC Read)

Maybe that helps.


Thanks Michael.
Did upgrade to the latest firmware but unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem. I got a new drive on the way though and hope I won’t encounter similar problems with that one.

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I would also complain to the manufacturer of the game, since I consider such discs as defective.