Tsst corp DVD-ROM SH-S222A after flashing

I dont know what happend after flashing DVD-ROM its didint work, at first didint opening then with dos flasher 32 writet new fw its now opening but cant read any disk like dead, no any sound when isert cd, flashed again and nothig same problem PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Sorry for my lamguage

Without explaining exactly what firmware you flashed no one can help you.

sh-s222a sb02 now this fw

Could you try booting from a bootable cd or dvd first?
Is the drive recognized in the BIOS and devicemanager?

Yea in bios show connected but in boot nothing, no action

Have you enabled “boot from other device”?

yes enabled

Is there a second drive connected to the same IDE cable ? If so, remove it and try again.

no, just one ant this don`t work ;D