TSST corp dvd-rom SH-D162C not read

I have a samsung tsst sh-d162c

when I want to burn an image or a dvd file to a disc using image burn I doesn’t give an option to choose this drive. I also tried using XBC and it says that there is no media in the drive. Could someone please help me? I already have the iso and the .dvd file in my pc all I want to do is put it on a disc.

Does it not read or write or what ? It is a ROM drive so it will not write, that’s sure. And it will not read X360 games except you flash the Kreon fw.

regards, Stephen

Imgeburn Does not read the samsung drive. When imageburn is open I try to choose the samsung drive as the drive to burn with but the samsung drive isnot an option. It only picks up the sony drive that I have in my PC also.

I also tried using XBC. When I put an empty disc in the drive it says that the media type is not present.

Clone Also does not give the option to burn with the samsung drive. At this point I have no Idea on what to do.

just seen you are trying to burn on the samsung kreon flashed drive, this drive is only for creating the backup image (iso) you need a dual layer writer either the pioneer 111d or plextor or auto booktype drive which suports dual layer media