Tsst corp cd/dvdw ts-L532u not reading

Hi, Thanks for letting me join and help please

I have a EI-System laptop running XP with a tsst corp cd/dvdw ts-L532u which is not working…If I go to mycomputer it shows the drive is there…When I put a disc in I can here it making a noise but will not play…the auto play is selected…If I go to mycomputer and right click and open it dosn’t recoinse there is a disc in there…I have un installed the software, rebooted and reinstall but still not working…The green light on the drive flashes when a disc is in but it just wont play…

.Any help would be great…

Thanks Peter

Hi and Welcome!

please check Device Manager if there are any errors.


Thanks for your reply

I have checked and there are no errors in device manager…I have been using google and searching this board and tryed a few things…im starting to think the drive has had it… The drive is in my computer but when i put a disc in it dosn’t run…