TSST 522U not recognize DATA DVD

TSST 522U won’t recognize DATA DVD. Happens on a dual boot machine in BOTH Ubuntu Linux and WinXP. Used to work; just stopped. Also hangs on Boot if DATA DVD is in drive. DVD movies & CDs work perfectly both OS’s.

Q: I’m pretty sure this a hardware problem…has a read head died in the drive?

Q2: Is it possible to have DVD movies play but not DATA DVD work?

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If DVD movies read OK, then it’s doubtful the DVD laser is dead :slight_smile:

These data DVDs that it won’t read, are they pressed commercial DVDs, or burned ones?

There are EA sports games (pressed commercial). The odd thing is, if the game DVDs are left in the machine during a reboot - the machine hangs. It’s constantly trying to read the DVD. Could it be a chip on the drive ROM board that went bad?

I replaced the PSU in the machine, and as its a SFF (small form factor), it was a tight squeeze. Could I have mangled one of the IDE wires in the IDEtoMB cable? If I had, shouldn’t I see weird stuff with CDs? (which I don’t).

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VideoDVDs are also only DataDVDs with a VIDEO_TS folder and other standards.

So the problem lies with drivers or software.


So why isn’t the DATA DVD read at boot? in the Linux OS?

These DATA DVDs were working a few days ago.

If it’s a driver or software problem, shouldn’t it be OS specific? If the problem is OS independent (i.e. at boot before GRUB, during hardware check) - then I would assume its hardware related.

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PROBLEM SOLVED: It was a BAD (NERO) InCD install. Did an uninstall/re-install and problem is fixed. What is really odd is that it effected the machine at a very low level boot; and the Linux O/S on a dual boot.

Q: Does InCD flash the firmware somehow?