TSSD corp CDDVDW SH-S222A problem

I have a TSST corp CDDVDW SH-S222A dvd writer IDE on my PC, running Windows XP Home. When I insert any type of disc, whether bootable, audio, data or commercial, the reader hums for a few seconds then goes quiet. There is no autostart and if I try to open the drive contents via Explore I get the eror message “Please insert a disc into drive”. I have tried updating the driver but am told I already have the latest driver. I have tried uninstalling and letting Windows reinstall, which it does but the reinstalled driver behaves just the same. I have tried the Windows Device Manager Troubleshoot function but this is unable to solve the problem. I have tried running Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard but this is unsuccessful and results in “The wizard found problems but cannot fix them”.

Can you please assist. Thanks.

When you put in a bootable cd or dvd, then reboot, will it boot with the disk, or not? Make sure your computer is set in the bios to boot from the dvd drive first.

If it can play the bootable disk, then it isn’t a physical problem with the drive. Starting from a bootable disk is outside the operating system, so this is a good test of the drive itself and not the settings within Windows.

If you cannot play a bootable disk in this manner, the drive may be malfunctioning to the point you need to replace it. You haven’t changed any physical connections to the drive in any way? And it was working in the past?


Many thanks for responding. I have tried a bootable disc (my Windows re-installation disc) with the bios set to boot from the dvd drive first and the result is exactly the same - it does not play the bootable disc.

I replaced the drive 11 months ago beccause the previous one was faulty (tray wouldn’t open). The new one worked for a few months then became temperamental then stopped working completely. I haven’t changed any physical connections to the drive.

Does it sound like I need to replace it ?


You’re having some bad luck with dvd drives. It does sound like a failing drive and it should be replaced.

Unfortunately there aren’t that many IDE interface drives left that I can wholeheartedly endorse. Everyone seems to be moving to the SATA interface. There are a few from LG, Lite-on and Samsung that are still easily found at Newegg, Zipzoomfly, Mwave and the other main US outlets for computer parts.

If you can use a SATA drive, look at the Optiarc 7240s. You’ll need a SATA connector on your motherboard, plus a SATA data cable and SATA power adapter.