tsmuxerGUI and nero vision

So I use tsmuxerGUI to convert the files from MKV to TS in order to be able to burn them on a disc with a menu on nero vision. However when I convert the media from MKV to TS sometimes the audio goes out of sync sometimes it gets boxy/jaggy/messed up in certain areas. The oddest thing is it lowers the volume down by a half and when I make a dvd the menu music is loud and clear however when I play the movie or the volume is half that of the music. I have version 1.10.6
A thing about nero vision I don’t know if anyone can help me with is if I make a still menu with music when the music is done playing the whole menu freezes. I tried to ask nero but they have yet to solve the situation for me. I have version
do you guys have any better recommendations of software to convert mkv into good quality files that doesn’t change the original quality of the file but allows me to use it in nero vision?or perhaps you have a better recommendation for a dvd menu burning software? I need a dvd burning software with menu if you have a recommendation.