TSMC Entering 3nm production this year

I don’t think Intel is even sporting 7nm yet?

The last I heard. Intel were skipping 7nm and going to 3nm.
As it happens. TSMC will being making the CPU’s for Intel. At least to begin with.

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Intel’s next chipset is going to use DDR 5 RAM and expensive motherboards, I spent a bundle on my 5950X build, even though I got a lot of the build for free I still spent a boatload. So it won’t be too soon for my next build, this AMD 5950X will last me for a few years. ( I hope)

Just another reason why Microsoft shot themselves
People just will not be able to afford new systems for Windows 11

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That’s nuts, Intel’s business is making chips, that’s what they do and now they are going to outsource their most important product to TSMC. That tells me they cant do what AMD did so they have to buy someone else’s technology.