TSK 321040B X7S2 Firmware

Can someone please make an updated version of firmware for this drive since it is a Lite-On?


maybe you can find it here

I tried the X7S3 firmware .EXE file, the application opens, I get a screen that says “Select the Lite-On it drive you want to update” and there is not drop down window, no text to select. This happens under 2000 and Win ME

Complain to TDK :stuck_out_tongue:

1: try to disable DMA and try again
2: Make sure that you use the MS IDE drivers shipped with the OS and not some from the mainboard/mainboard chipset maker. (Via, intel sis, ali amd, nvidia…)
3: make sure that the drive is connected to the main ide controller and not to an extra ide controller…

Complaining to TDK?..I might as well bang my head against the wall - LOL

I tried all of the and it didn’t work so I converted the .exe to a binary flash and used mtkflash.exe to save the old X7S2 and flash the newer X7S3.

Could someone point me to instructions on hacking the code in a Lite-On It flash so that my drive name would remain TDK and the model number so I can be self-sufficient at this as well as be able to contribute to this forum in the future?