Tsh552b burning problems



ok ive got a tsh552b that ive had since before christmas and im having burning problems ,it just seems like every media i try it hates. the last discs that burnt realy well was the fujifilm03 datawrite greys, just bought another batch and they are prodisc f01 , 8x but the drive only allows 4x plus a terrible burn.
fortunately my local shop sells media in samples so ive been able to get afew differant discs but most of my burns have again been poor , the datawrite titanium that used to burn well quits on near the end of the movie on all of my players as does the ridisc with the tdk dye, the best result came from the cheapo tuffdisc 4x cmcmagaf1 that plays 100% on 5 of my players with afew pauses on my old phillips.
what should i do wait for the next firmware ? go back to an older firmware?


Whats your system specs ??


must admit to having a low system specs i.e p111550 256ram but i always free ram up before a recode or a burn , dissconect cable modem, turn off anti-virus ect and as ive said ive had decent burns before .
i also used the same project to test various discs,( phantom of the opera recoded to fit on single lair ,stored as hard disc files) burnt at 4x speed


i there, i’ve got the same problem that ‘antony’ has …
i’ve burned all mi (DVD-R):
KingPro 1-4X DVD’s, and not even one was good, they all stoped recording at betwen 12 and 70% (rec -2X)
Mitsai 1-4X DVD’s, some of them record to the end, others to 70%(rec -2X)
Sony 1-8X (5DMR47AL3) recorded till the end, but with poor final quality(rec -4X)
mi system spec are:
proc: AMD Athlon 1.2GHz
board: A7V133
mem: 1GB
OS: winXP pro

if anyone can help, i’d apretiate it…
and if anyone can tell me of a program to test mi media before burning …



hi there, i just bought TSH552B, 3 days ago, also bought 2 cheap DVD’s 4 x ( R + and R- ) it burned very well about 30 minutes for each DVD.
i still use the TS 04 firmware and Nero Express 6


TS10 is available now
and you can cross flash to US06 too


Is there any significant improvement by updating to TS 10 ?
When i join this forum, i really freaked out when discover so many troubles with TSH552, but now with TS04, my ODD is working very well… I’m afraid of upgrading my firmware. Please anyone help me make decission !!