Tsdnwin flasher hidden options




I remember that Tsdnwin flash utility had some additional hidden engineer options, but cannot recall how to enable them.
It is probably activated by some command line parameter.

Does anyone know which one?

Thank you.


This option is -NOCHECK


I don’t think that is the parameter.
When enabled there was new “Options” button that lead to addtitional settings.


Don’t remember any options button in Tsdnwin… As well as the other parameters. Maybe somebody knows better?


There was a post long ago with a screenshot where someone had just tried random potential parameters & found one which worked…but the options were useless. I don’t remember what the parameter was.

Samsung never made the different parameters public knowledge.


Well, I can show you the window from v1.00.b.4 by checking the file as I would check malware:

That is the window. What the options do? No idea :slight_smile:

Another small test seem to indicate that the program can take the following options:-NOCHECK
-LIVEHowever, there may be hidden options which are encrypted in another part of the file. Apart from the first option, I would not have any idea what the two others do.


You gotta teach me how you check malware, Xercus. :eek: That’s really nifty.


LOL - Thank you - I’ll move in with you a week or two and teach you the ins and outs of it :bigsmile:
… It is nowhere near ‘nifty’ though, just tedious work which happens to interest me. :iagree: