TSA Stealing IPADS



The list of horror stories about gadget theft by Transportation Security Administration agents just got a little longer, with ABC News catching one officer in the act of stealing an iPad.
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In an investigation of ten major U.S. airports, ABC News checked luggage containing iPads and cash, and purposely left behind iPads at TSA security checkpoints. Although all the checked luggage arrived safely, and nearly all checkpoint officers called travelers back to claim their iPads, one officer in Orlando instead grabbed the iPad at a security checkpoint and took it to his home, 30 miles away.
When confronted two weeks later, the agent, Andy Ramirez, claimed that his wife took the iPad from the airport, despite video evidence of him handling the device. The TSA then fired him.
The agency claims that widespread theft isn’t a problem, noting that only 0.5 percent of officers employed by the TSA have been terminated for stealing. In total, 381 officers have been fired between 2003 and 2012, including 11 this year.
But one termination out of every 200 employees isn’t exactly stellar, and doesn’t account for employees who haven’t been caught. U.S. Rep. John Mica (R-Florida), who serves on the House Transportation Committee, said the latest iPad theft is just “the tip of the iceberg.” He accused the TSA of failing to perform proper background checks on employees to root out bad apples.
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A former TSA agent, Pythias Brown, who recently got out of jail for stealing, also told ABC News that the problem is widespread. Brown, who worked the screening machine at Newark, relied on tips from colleagues when overhead cameras weren’t working. Over four years, Brown stole $800,000 worth of items, and said he wasn’t the only one.
Besides, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence of TSA agents stealing expensive electronics. Here are a few examples:

[li]In January, a baggage screener in Orlando was arrested for allegedly lifting goods from checked bags, using a laptop-sized hidden pocket in his work jacket, and then selling the wares on Craigslist.
[/li][li]In July 2011, a TSA employee in Fort Lauderdale was arrested after allegedly removing an iPad from a bag and stuffing it into his pants pocket. He later told authorities that he’d stolen $50,000 worth of electronics, and would typically sell the goods online before his shift had ended.
[/li][li]At Dallas/Forth Worth, an agent was caught in April for stealing eight iPads over an eight-month period.
[/li][/ul]Seeing as this isn’t a new issue, and the TSA isn’t willing to publicly admit that it’s a widespread problem, don’t expect horror stories like these to go away.
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If you’re flying with expensive electronics, always keep them in your carry-on bags instead of checking them, and keep your eyes on your gadgets while heading through security checkpoints. For added protection, iPhone and iPad users can install Apple’s “Find my iPhone/iPad” service to track missing devices, and Android users can install third-party device location services, such as LookOut Plan B and AndroidLost.

http://www.pcworld.com/article/2010786/tsa-gadget-theft-still-a-risk-ipad-tracked-to-agents-house.html SOURCE : PC MAGAZINE


Which is why I always make sure I have my stuff before I leave those checkpoints. When they are paid the least and have such stressful jobs, it doesn’t surprise me for them to turn to stealing to supplement their income.


As the Crusades proceeded, the various contributing governments ended up accepting “pillage and plunder” as a method to pay and feed their troops. They too were sent out by a regime that claimed to be in favor of “smaller gov’t” but it created more bureaucracies and refused to pay for them.

The crusaders returned to a Black Death Europe and spent about 200 years doing the only occupation they understood: to pillage and plunder, and this time, it was closer to home. They ended up losing more territory than ever ‘freeing’, by the way.

I bet we’ll see Rep John Mica (R-Florida) pushing for greater expenses in oversight and an enlarged gov’t, but also refusing to pay for it as well. “I have to get my brother-in-law a job-!” G-18, probably.


Well I guess I am off to the closest Airport to see what they are getting for Ipads these days. LOL J/king. I think its horrid and these guys should go to jail like the common criminals they are.:doh:


call me a barbarian but I think these people should be publicly shot.

The rest of us should have a right to not incriminate ourselves, trial by jury, etc, but to enter public service you should surrender these rights.

Things that would get you or I a night in jail should get any public employee
Flogged and forever barred from any kind of public service or assistance.

Anything that could potentially get an average citizzen more than six
months in jail should get a public employee executed by any conveniant
(or amusingly appropriate) means.

I can provide a list (written off the cuff quickly) of possible punishment
methods for various crimes public officials commit.

Frankly I believe that a public official when asked about his job in court or before congress may keep his right to remain silent when asked about his job, but if he does so he should instantly be tossed naked in the street and forever barred from any kind of public service.

Like I said call me a barbarian.


Hi Allen, you sound more like a concerned citizen than a barbarian. " Thou shall not steal" , anyone ever heard that before?


[QUOTE=alan1476;2657356]Hi Allen, you sound more like a concerned citizen than a barbarian. " Thou shall not steal" , anyone ever heard that before?[/QUOTE]

a lot of civil service people would resign if I ever became a Dictator.

I’d love to hear the ACLU screaming when I schedueled Public broadcasting of executions.

Particularly when the evening’s agenda would be to Execute an over-reaching prosecutor
who used KNOWN TO HIM to be false/perjured testamony to persue the prosecution of
an innocent.

Ever hear the name Mike Nifong? (the “Duke LaCrosse Rape Case”)

I believe an "appropriate punishment for that prosecutor is an oldie but a goodie…
Borrowed from the Romans (who were very imaginative)

Remember forever the phrase "Raped to Death by Wild Asses"
Should I describe how this was engineered or would you prefer
your own imagination?

How is this “appropriate”? think what would have happened to those boys in prison
had they been convicted…

Of course a “kinder course” would be to sentence such a prosecutor to the sentance
that COULD have been handed down to the falsely accused.

“protected custody” would be expressely forbidden.

Basically what I’m saying is that the United States constitution could be ammended
to state that anyone accepting a government position waives all their rights if they
commit ANY crime involving their office.

So if one is arrested for say… Speeding or Drunk driving or even murdering their wife
the trial and penalties are no different from anyone else.

But if they try to use their office to protect themselves from prosecution
all bets are off…

Soliciting or accepting a bribe?

The Romans sewed the person who did that into a burlap sack with a wild dog,
a feral cat & a rat and tossed them into the Tiber.

Frankly the only thing that I believed should be changed in that is the river that
would be used, because the Tiber is inconveniently located in Italy.

Rome didn’t have any repeat offenders.


First, make these punishments meted out to elected offices, starting with Congress and Legislators, many of whom wrote laws to exempt themselves from so many crimes that any other citizen would suffer for.

While we’re doing that - make all elected officials who vote for Standardized Testing pass those tests. Not one, but 3 or 4. Congressmen, State house legislators, Guv’s, Lt Guvs, VPs and Prezzies.

And post the grades, like NFL Rookie IQ tests get tossed about.



Frankly I don’t believe anyone should be allowed to be our nations President, the Secretary of Defense OR any under-secretary without military service in the corresponding branch of service
(Example, the Secretary of the navy should be a navy veteran, PERIOD, no exceptions)

and if congress wants national healthcare they should be forced to get THEIR treatment under such a plan… though if an elected official is a veteran of military service They should get their health care from the veterans Administration.

Oh and last but not least, Allowing Lawyers to be legislators in any branch of government?

Who’s bright idea was that?

Is there anyone who does not think that is NOT a clear
conflict of interest?