.ts to .avi conversion

is there an easy way to convert those .ts files into an .avi file?

I have a bunch of .ts files all around 100mb each that I’d like to make into ONE .avi file…

anyone know how? None of my conversion programs will let me do it


This is what has been suggested before

You can use TSMUXER to join (using append) & demux the streams to seperate video & audio streams.

From there you can use whatever you want to add them back together.

If it HAS to be avi, you may end up having to transcode the streams, which can take a long time :frowning:
MP4 might be a better option, if it’s only going to be on PC :slight_smile:

AVIDeMux…That’s my standard answer for conversions. You can use it to paste all those .TS together then convert (if all the .TS are pretty much the same) else you can convert all the .TS to the finished .AVI codec and use AVIDeMux to merge those AVIs.