TS-L802A, First HD DVD Drive for Notebooks

Rather old news. Not sure if sample drives are available now.


Kawasaki — Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology (TSST) today announced commercialization of the world’s first slim HD DVD drive for notebook PCs. The new drive, TS-L802A, reads HD DVD discs, and can read and write to both DVD and CD discs. TSST will start sample shipment of the drive by the end of the year.

TS-L802A is a slim combination drive expressly designed to bring the HD DVD experience to mobile notebook PCs. It supports read of HD DVD and can read and write to DVD and CD. The new drive integrates a blue-violet laser diode dedicated to read high-density data in the HD DVD format, including high definition video images. DVD and CD performance match the state-of-the-art in the market, with high-speed read and write for both DVD and CD.

Digitalization continues to penetrate worldwide consumer markets. The transition to large screen, high definition TVs is taking on new force as digital broadcasting spreads, and the digital consumer market is breaking new ground in innovative imaging products, such as personal video players. In parallel with this, demand is emerging for PCs that are also able to handle high definition images. TSST has responded to this demand with a breakthrough drive that brings HD DVD to portable PCs, the fastest growing segment of the PC market.

The new drive meets the highly stringent space and weight requirements for slim drives. At a height of only 12.7 millimeters, the TS-L802A is the standard height for a slim DVD drive, an achievement partly reflecting the fact that HD DVD has the same disc structure as current DVD. This allows integration of an optical pick-up head with only a single objective lens, able both to read HD DVD and to read and write to DVD and CD. Use of lightweight materials within an optimized design keeps the new drive down to a low 160g, a weight that will contribute to realization of lighter notebook PCs. The new drive is also designed to reduce environmental loads, and uses lead-free solder on its wiring boards.

The new drive will be on show and demonstrated at CEATEC JAPAN 2005, at Makuhari, Japan, from October 4 to 8. Look for the drive at the HD DVD Promotion Group booth (2A12).

TSST will continue to develop HD DVD drives, including drives able to read and write to HD DVD, and contribute to market penetration by the HD DVD format.

HD DVD: 1x; DVD: Max. 8x; CD: Max. 24x
DVD-RAM: Max. 3x; DVD-R SL*: Max. 4x
DVD-R DL*: Max. 2.4x; DVD-RW: Max. 4x
DVD+R SL*: Max. 4x; DVD+R DL*: Max. 2.4x
DVD+RW: Max. 4x; CD-R: Max. 16x
CD-RW: 4x; High Speed CD-RW: Max. 10x
Ultra Speed CD-RW: 10x

Press Contact: Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology Corporation Tel: +81-44-543-2623 Email: shigeyuki.miyazaki@tsst.co.jp

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Pictures of TS-L802A at the CEATEC 2005 Japan held on Oct 4 - Oct 8.

NEC HR-1100A, but HH drive.

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