TS-L633F-TF01 custom firmware?




Id like to know if its possible to make the drive mentioned,capable of burning these discs:

RICOJPN-DO1-67 (Aone printables)


I know about MCSE,but tbh ive never used it before.I do know you can edit certain drives to burn certain discs at desired speeds,but can i edit the drive mentioned so i can burn the discs mentioned @ 2.4x?

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.



Aone are not a good quality brand. They have a reputation for selling substandard batches from mediocre manufacturers. Writing the discs slower will not change that.

MCSE is a tool for swapping strategies. If you like you can choose a disc MID which your drive supports at the desired speed and replace the RICOHJPN-DO1 one with it. Maybe you’ll get lucky and it will be better than the one Samsung created specifically for the Ricoh MID? But probably not.

As with all optical discs, a slower writing speed is not neccesarily better.


What id really like is a step by step on how to swap around disc speeds for different discs.
Also if i do go ahead with it,can i reverse it if it goes wrong?

I need the 2.4x speed because i used to burn XGD3 discs at 4x on an Ihas 124b,and they would always fail one way or another.When i used cfw to burn at 2.4x i never had any problems again.

Thats why im asking for a cfw for my drive.Is it possible for it to be made for me,or does it all have to be on my end?

Sorry for the noob questions,im trying to learn the ins and outs of what to do.


First, we (you + us) would have to be able to find a viable copy of the firmware from your drive. Then we would have to see if it worked with MCSE, which isn’t guaranteed to be compatible (and has been effectively discontinued, so no drive support would be added if it didn’t work).

Outside of that, there are no tools to tweak firmware in such a manner, and you would just have to try a higher quality media when you’re forced to use that optical drive. (As Ibex said, it’s lower quality, often a fake version of a higher-quality disc model).

To be honest, I am surprised the drive doesn’t natively support <4x, which really makes me think it’s locked that way for a reason. Since RICOHJPN D01 is so frequently faked, it probably isn’t easily supported in firmware.


Scrap that crappo media.