TS-L632H - firmware modification

I have a question. Is there anyone who modifies the firmware for CD/DVD drives? I need a modified firmware for TS-L632H (TO03 firmware). I need a firmware that will support scrambled mode (OpCode: 0xBE), Pre-Gap/Lead-In and Pre-Gap/Lead-Out so that i can dump CDs to redump . org

I checked other threads about my drive and determined that I practically only have 2 options:

  1. Cross-flashing firmware from SN-S082H drive (SB01 firmware from what I’ve seen)
  2. Firmware from another OEM (now I have Toshiba’s TO03 firmware, I can choose from Samsung, Asus and Dell firmware)
    Can anyone who has this drive, but with a different firmware, check if he can dump CDs with MPF (DiscImageCreator) - github . com/SabreTools/MPF? Unfortunately, the redump . org website requires you to dump CDs with this program

Oh well. Other OEM firmware and cross-flashing with SN-S082H (firmware SB01) did nothing. Is the TS-L632H drive similar in hardware to a drive or only to the SN-S082H?

The 632H is based on a Samsung chipset and as far as i know the options to modify the firmware for this drive are limited.
I’m not sure you will have success.

I come back to the topic
Well, I have some suspicions that the FS03 firmware for my drive would be compatible with DiscImageCreator. Does anyone have this firmware, can or knows where to download it?

I’m not entirely sure what you are describing.

Are you talking about accessing the sector data BEFORE the error correction is performed on a dvd or cd disc?

It is about enabling the creation of scrambled disc images (a function required by the DiscImageCreator program). In turn, I have to dump the discs with this program because redump org only accepts this program, and I would like to add CDs there that I have not yet dumped