TS-L632H dual layer MKM 003 scan

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to burn Verbatim MKM-003 disks with my toshiba laptop’s burner (TS L632H). Initially I used the OEM firmware from Toshiba (TO03) and while the burns finished successfully the discs were unreadable, usually at around 47%-49%.
Then I crossflashed the drive into a SN-S082H and enabled bitsetting option in imgburn, but I had the same result.
Finally I decided to flash my drive with the latest Dell Firmware A07 DW10, which does not support bitsetting. I burned the disc with imgburn at x4 with booktypeDVD+R DL.
You can see the scan here: http://img63.imageshack.us/img63/9990/55692801.jpg

Can anyone comment on this? Also how is the scan looking?

Hmm apparently the last successful burn was a fluke. Got yet another coaster in the last burn.
I don’t know what else to do (besides buying an external drive)
Any advice?

Hi and Welcome!

unfortunately, most laptop slim drives are unreliable emergency solutions at best.
Getting an external Half-Height drive (not one of these slim thingys) is an option that should be seriously considered.

Additional question: Are you able to burn these discs at lower speeds?


Thanks for the reply mciachel!

Yeah I know that laptop drives are generally crap, but I just wanted to
use up all my options before resorting to an external drive. ( The irony is that with all the money I spent on DVD+R DL so far, I could have bought an external drive!:/)

About the speeds: By using MSCE I found out that the dell and toshiba firmwares have burning strategies for MKM 003 discs at x2.4 and x4. The samsung firmware also included x6. However with whatever burning software I use the available speeds are only x3 and x4. I tried burning @x3 with no luck.

Another thing that might be worth mentioning is that I burned a couple MKM 003’s in Ubuntu 8.04 with the same results (coasters). So I guess its not a software or firmware problem.
I also noticed a thin ‘ring’ on every coaster towards the outer side of the disk.
The bottomline is probably that the drive is of very poor quality?

PS: Thanks for the guides btw :slight_smile:

The bottomline is probably that the drive is of very poor quality? [/quote]I own the same drive (Dell OEM). Well, I’d consider it as “average at best”. Haven’t tried any DL with that drive, and I don’t think, I will.

PS: Thanks for the guides btw :slight_smile:
You’re very welcome:)