TS-L632D laptop drive?

I got a Hp NW 9440 Laptop with a drive called:

“TSST corp TS-L632D”

Does anyone know:

  1. Where i can find firmware for this drive

  2. Make it rip dvd’s at full speed

Thank you!

  1. Try HP’s site, since they provided the drive. Can you tell us what firmware is on the drive currently? Nero InfoTool will tell you that. :slight_smile:

I found the latest Samsung firmware for that drive, but first we need to check if you’re running HP firmware.

  1. I have no idea, unfortunately.

I havent been able to find it at hp’s site!

Firmware is HH15

Thank you!

Possibly HP haven’t released any yet.

The Samsung firmware I found for the drive is SC04, but I’d recommend waiting to see if HP put one out. I wouldn’t want to risk you toasting your drive.

I found it by Googling “TS-L632D firmware” BTW :wink:

The Lightscribe version of this drive (TS-L632M) accepted a forced flash from hp’s 0817 to Samsung’s SC02.

I’m going to say–cautiously, mind you–that you can flash to the Samsung firmware without having to worry. (The hp OEM and Samsung retail versions of this drive don’t have much difference, as far as I can tell.)

I haven’t seen much difference in the write performance since flashing my drive, though. (There is a good chance that there is more media supported, but I don’t know this for sure).

The drive does, however, support full Ultra DMA Mode 2 with this firmware, compared to the hp firmware’s Multiword DMA Mode 2 (the main reason for flashing my drive). This has made it a little bit more reliable as far as reading & writing goes, since it supports cyclic redundancy checks in this mode & (for my laptop, at least) uses less of my CPU.