TS-L632D errors



Hi, hoping someone out there can help me out. Have spent the last hour hunting through similar threads without a definite fix… :confused:

I bought an Acer Aspire 5610 Laptop from Tesco’s approx 6 months ago, runnning Vista Home Premium. Recently I attempted to back-up my CD collection to save the girlfriend from scratching them in the car, but my CD/DVD drive, a TSSTcorp TS-L632D, doesn’t seem to respond to any blank media, and isn’t detected by any burning software. This error appears when I look through ‘Device Manager’ :

Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

But am unsure where to proceed from here… I am computer literate, but have no real technical skill (yet) and would appreciate some advice or guidance.

Sincerely, Alexgt40.

(apologies if there are any details I have forgotten to include)


Hi Alexgt40 :slight_smile:

Click here to go to a MS support page, where there are instructions on how to delete your upper/lower filters.

If you’re wary about editing the registry manually, there’s a Guided Help you can download from the same page.

That should fix the Code 39 problem. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Hi Arachne, thanks so much for your insanely speedy reply. Does it matter that the guide seems to be for XP?


I’ve personally only used it on XP, but I seem to recall a user (who neglected to mention he was using Vista at the time) using it and having success.

So, proceed at your own risk, depends how adventurous you’re feeling :wink:

Edit: unfortunately, I know of no other way (besides an OS reinstall) of sorting it out. It’s probably caused by a rogue piece of software/drivers on the system.


Nice, ok, I will set a system restore as backup, then have a go. I’ll get back to you in a while with the results. Wish me luck lol


That’s a great idea (setting a restore point). Best of British luck to you :slight_smile:


Ok, restart and quick media player test seems to have done the trick… Its being recognised, device manager reports drive is working properly, amazing. Just a burn test to perform now, shame its going to get so scratched lol

Thanks Arachne, British luck seems to have paid off, all the best ^^


You’re welcome! Glad it’s fixed - your CD collection is safe for now :bigsmile:


Hi Arachne, thanks again for the help earlier, but now it seems my CD/DVD drive isn’t being detected at all. I have tried a variety of different media with no results, and am worried as it doesn’t appear in my device manager any more? Any advice? Go back to restore point?