TS-L632D - Can no longer boot, create or read .ISO disks



[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung TS-L632D. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]The laptop is about a year and half old now, and its seen quite a bit of use. I have burned .iso format disks from this system for quite a while, booting/restoring to Win2K>Xp>Vista>Linux repetitively every so often to test out new software for each system (Hobby of mine). However, my drive will no longer read or boot from .Iso format which its done perfectly for over a year. Wanted to just clear up the possibility of it simply being wear and tear after such long use.

The DVD-+R/RW reader works perfectly fine in either the OS’s mentioned from reading Music, to watching DVD’s to reading Non-DL software disks. In fact, it’ll even boot from licensed Windows disk (XP/Vista) out of the box, but any burned version such as Linux or my restore disks to my original install refuses to work.

I’ve tried everything, reset the upper and lower filters, taken it out of Device manager and rebooted. The disks work perfectly fine on my desktop which leads me to believe the drive is finally going on me. I’ve made new disks from 9660 ISO + Joliet as well as many other including UDF format. I’ve gone as far as to take the entire laptop apart and unplug the drive and reinstall the drivers, alas to no effect.

There are no firmware updates for the particular drive from what I’ve searched. Also, to note, my drive will no longer finalize .ISO DVD/CD-+R disks. It will never give me an error but the disk its self after “supposed” completion, the disk is empty with no signs of it having been burned onto the disk. Dragging and dropping files such as pictures and videos work fine. Tested on my Desktop, they show up as I placed them. I’d appreciate the help! :wink:

My System info:
Currently Windows Vista (SP1)
Toshiba Satellite A200 - PSAE0C-AH508C
Intel GMA945G Chipset/ GMA950 Integrated Graphics
Intel T2450 Running at 2.0Ghz - “Yonah” Dual-Core
Samsung CD/DVD Burner - TSST CDDVDW TS-L632D ATA