Well i’ve noticed many different versions of this TSST cd/dvd drive mentioned on this forum with many versions of firmware. Mine has GA03. I’m just curious if it is flashable with other versions of firmware. I’ve found mention of GA04 firmware in my google searches but I believe its used on another type of drive, I believe the H552.

I should add it is in my Gateway MX3558 laptop and is a dual layer burner.

Thid drive is Lightscribe compliant? Have you found a new firmware for his?

The TS-L532U ist equal to the Toshiba SD-R6472U.
Firmware is avaialbe here

I have a tsst ts-l532u/asbf firmware version AU04. did you say this drive was lightscribe compatible with a firmware upgrade?


NO! :disagree:

First let me say I am very newbie as far as the ins and outs of dvd drive firmware and such and I really don’t even know what flashing is. I came here after searching for answers as to why my ts-l532u is acting up and seeing the knowledgable people over here hope to find some help before having to send my drive and possibly my machine back to the vendor.

I have an ASUS z70va 2.0gig centrino, 2gb ram, 60 gb 7200rpm hdd, with the aforementioned drive and have been using it a lot over the last 8 months burning tons of dvds and cd’s with no problems. I use alcohol and nero mostly and some others like dvdshrink and clonedvd sometimes.
Running winxp sp2.

Just yesterday it seems that the burner will not write faster than 1.5x and while its writing the cpu is maxed out and grinds to a near halt (this never happened before, I could multi task pretty well while burning a movie in about 11 minutes).

I really have no idea where to start with resolving this issue but what I have done is to un/reinstal alcohol and nero. This did nothing. Still crawls to almost stand still while burning. Also tried burning a disc with dvdshrink and the whole process took over 3 hours (but that was including re-encoding and backing up).

Please can some one help me with some advice on what to do next?



Start by enabling DMA mode for the drive.

Thanks for the fast reply. :slight_smile:

I read this tutorial and will do it when I get home from work in a few minutes.

Ok, so I did like the tutorial told me and I changed the Device 1 Transfer mode to DMA if available (winxp did not ask me to reboot before changes will take effect) but I rebooted at this point.

I went back into device manager and it still is set to PIO mode. I tried burning a ISO image of a movie with alcohol just to test it out and no luck would not go above 1.5x and system slowed WAY down, it still is in PIO mode I guess. What should I do now?? How can I get it to stay in DMA mode?

I would replace the IDE cable…

I think I have fixed the problem for now - I uninstalled the Primary IDE and then rebooted, xp detected and reinstalled the device and enabled DMA mode (ultra 2).

Then it’s good.

I tried to fix a friends Gateway mx-7525 which includes this burner, for some reason it only plays and burn cd’s, does not play or burn DVD’s ( it is able to play some of my burned back up dvd’s which were originally burned by a BenQ 1640 only). Now the firmware is GA03 (the same as the original poster above). Could not find any firmware update for this drive and the above mensioned Toshiba firmware I am not really sure if you can cross flash and update with this particular firmware (GA03). I told my friend that this DVD burner is probably defective (after of course extensive testing, i.e DMA, IDE, etc.). What is your opinion?

Clean the drive FIRST!

I did already, twice.

By using what method?

I used a DVD/Cd laser cleaner which came with a special solution.

I am also having a strange problem with this burner on a Gateway MX3558. The thing works perfectly with CDs, and can read media burned by other burners without issue. However it can’t read any DVDs it burns itself. Other drives can read these DVDs fine, which is weird. Has anyone found any kind of solution for this problem yet (I noticed it was posted in multiple threads so I didn’t want to start a new one).

[QUOTE=mrkomputr;1373391]I have a tsst ts-l532u/asbf firmware version AU04. did you say this drive was lightscribe compatible with a firmware upgrade?


Which OEM is this ?

What is asbf ?