TS - L532R Firmware

I am looking for any firmware for the above cd/dvd drive in a friends HP pavillion DV1000 which will not recognize the DVD side but will read and write to CD without problems.

A firmware cannot solve such problems.
Clean the drive, test again.


I have read in other forums that this particular drive has a lot of problems. The drive simply doesnt show that there is even a DVD side to it and thats why most are thinking that a firmware update might do the trick.

However, I am willing to try anything so can you please tell me how to clean the drive?

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Simply by using an cd/dvd lens cleaner disc, properly by open it up and using some Isopropanol and a q-tip or demineralized water… >>> but this voids the warranty!!!

Sorry, I have not seen a firmware for this drive.

You may check and ask HP.

Maybe the best way is to use a bootable DVD to find out if the drive/laser is dead or not…


the first thing that I tried was a bootable DVD and thats how i knew that it wasnt reading anything on that side.

I had hoped that by either upgrading or simply flashing with the original firmware may have made it work again but as stated earlier this particular machine is very problematic and HP simply wants my friend to send it back to them with a check for $250.00 which is all we would expect from a company like them.

I tried to tell her 18 months ago to get a Dell laptop instead of this thing.

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