TS-L532R DVD Region Setting

How can the number of changes allowed to the DVD region setting be increased once run down to zero? I travel back and forth between the US and Europe (UK) and need to alternate.

sorry buddy…but as far as i know that’s not possible. Usually you get a hack to take off the region code…so that you can play anything. But using all 5 changes will lock you on the last one and you can’t reset that.

Correct, only a VENDOR RESET could revive that. And there are no utils doing that, only the manufacturer can do it!

Thanks for the response.

You could ask your manufacturer about that.

Some like Panasonic/Matshita/Matsushita clearly deny that to any of their customers. Enough said about those §"!$§%§$% and their level of service…

Loaded RioDVD software and I seem to be able to play all both regions without having to go back to the mfg. for a reset. Seems too easy. What am I missing?