Just had a question about this drive. I have one that came in my HP DV1550SE, On the drive it says DVD+R DL, Now Ive come to understand that this is a dual layer capable burner. Anyone try burning a dual layer disc? So far I have had no luck, I dont know if the blanks I am trying by memorex are compatible, It wont read the media as a blank dvd+r DL, but it will read a DL Dvd. So far I am using Imgburn. The version of nero I have doesnt support DL burning. Am I mistaken that this is a dual layer dvd burner? Somone please help me with the confusion. Thanks much.:bow:

Hi and Welcome!

you don’t want Memowrecks DL.
Especially with picky slim drives, Verbatim (preferably 2.4x “Made in Singapore” is the media of choice.

Since you are using ImgBurn, you can check the drive’s capabilities within the software: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=6392&view=findpost&p=66444


So your saying its the disks im using?

Hi,[QUOTE=coreyander;2274502]So your saying its the disks im using?[/QUOTE]if DL support by your drive is confirmed, then it’s the discs. :iagree: