TS-L532M problems - please help!

I’m 66 years old, retired from the Army, a retired correctional officer and I currently work with at risk teenagers.

I recently sent my HP Pavilion dv 8000 in to have the mother board repaired. My backup disc are corrupt, so I am having to reinstall everything. Since the return of my laptop I have had problems with my TS-L532M, firmware version HR08. It displays No Recorder where it use to have the drive letter, movie title or blank disc and says ther is no disc in the drive; however, it burns the movies, but will not play them back. I have tried everything I can think of (including searching here) but haven’t found a problem quite the same as mine. Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx :confused:

Hello ken2004@gci.net, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I edited your thread title to reflect the problem a little better, and will move your thread to our Newbie forum for some help.

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Use VLC or MPC to play back any kind of movie freely.