Ts-l462d hh08

My friends,

I need firmware this Combo DVD Samsung TS-L462D F/W = HH08

This seems to be a slim/laptop drive from a quick Google search. Laptop drives often have proprietary firmware that needs to be updated at the site of the laptop manufacturer.

Who made your laptop, and what is the model number of the laptop?

I need firmware this Combo DVD Samsung TS-L462D F/W = HH08[/QUOTE]What exactly is the problem?
As already mentioned, firmware updates for laptop drives should be obtained from the laptop manufacturer.


I downloaded a program to try to upgrade the firmware HH08 and the program updated to DE09 and drive erased. Neither is recognized in bios, do not care anymore.



Okay. So you somehow managed to flash your drive with some Dell OEM firmware.
This is somewhat confusing since the flash tool normally checks if drive and update version do fit. Or did you override this check?

Okay. Before you throw away this drive, you may try these firmwares.
SN-M242D SH01
SN-M242D SB01
from here: http://www.samsungodd.com/eng/Firmware/FWDownload/FWDownload.asp?searchMode=TOTALSEARCH&product_code=SCM

I guess you need to do a forced flash in a plain DOS environment (not Windows commandline tool). Please read the FAQ and the related “How to flash…” article mentioned in my signature.


The OP must have used a DOS based 3rd party flasher…

Friends have tried with various firmware and failed. Could I copy in some unit HH08