TS-H653G bitset firmware to dvd-rom

I have been working with computers for years but kind of got away from it & now dont know where to find certain tools. I got MCSE & know where modded optiarc & pioneer firmware is but this drive I can only find this dell firmware DW30 which is the latest. I dont want to use software to bitset each time, I want to mod the firmware, plus I enjoy doing it. Can someone please tell me how to crossflash or if it cant be done then what tool to use to mod this firmware to DVD+R to DVD-ROM. I know how to use MCSE but this wont booktype the firmware. Should I use a hex tool? I dont know where to change the firmware though. Any help would be greatly appreciated & also I dont care about this drive so I want to experiment. Thanks

if you patch the firmware in any way, how do you want to flash it to the drive?

the original flasher that came with the dell firmware.

it works when i use media codes peed edit & then i can still use the dell windows flasher but if it wont work I will find a dos flasher somewhere.

UPDATE: Patch_Utility_Samsung from c0deguys works

…but useless because its only for dell…

you can do the exact same thing with the samsung & the samsung flasher, I tried it

Then that’s fine and a good hint. :wink: