TS-H653 firware update



I pulled out an TSST TS-H653 drive out of an old HP Pavilion Elite desktop to use on my own main desktop (which is custom built). I wanted to update the firmware as doing so has always been positive for me when it came to optical drives, so I used the TSST Wininquiry tool and it told me the firmware is 0208 and is an HP drive, so it is not supported by TSST.

I then looked up the downloads/updates section for the desktop on the HP support site and found there was a firmware update to 0609 for this drive. I downloaded this but it wouldn’t run, probably because the HP was a Vista native PC and my main desktop is on Windows 7. Anyway, I managed to pull the files from the installer via my temp folder, but when I try running any exe files nothing ever happens, and all I see is the loading circle beside my cursor for a few seconds.

Here’s the label from the drive itself:

Here’s the original firmware updater from HP:

Here’s the files I pulled from the updater via my temp folder:

Could anyone point out how I can go about updating this drive’s firmware? Thanks a bunch.