TS-H552U Not being recognized by bios or windows

I recently got my TS-H552U drive from ncix.com the other day, installed nero that came with it, and burnt a bunch of dvd’s

The next day, I turn on the computer and I get an error in my bios saying it can’t find the drive.

I tried restarting it a bunch of times, and it found the drive, and I continued burning dvd’s… Now today it’s not working at all.

I’ve tried setting it to master, slave, AND cable select (which it’s on currently and was working on)

What should I do to get it to be recognized? I’m using a dell so my bios options are limited… :Z It notices my CD-RW drive perfectly, and both drive settings are set to auto, so it notices when one is there, but for the slave drive it just shows ‘Unknown Device’

Ok, upon using a soft reset, the drive is recognized… but if I shutdown THEN turn on the computer, it’s not recognize… wtf?