I just purchased an HP Pavillion PC with the TS-H552L and have run into some strange issues.
When I create a DVD using Sonics MyDVD Plus, the resulting DVD has a hard time being recognized by my Home DVD player, sometimes the DVD player says it’s an MP3 disk and shows me the folder structure, other times it comes up as a DVD, or in some cases it cannot even read the disk.

I have a Sony DVD± burner which works perfectly and zero issues with my home DVD player (Yamaha). The interesting thing is if I burn a DVD with the TS-H552L, my Sony burner cannot recognize the DVD, but DVD’s burned on the Sony are fine in the TS-H552L. I know have both burners in my PC, if I wish to burn a DVD from home use, I use the Sony.

Are there any issues with this TSSTCorp DVD burner? I cannot find much information or reviews on it. :confused:

What exact media were used?

Memorex DVD+RW and FujuFilm DVD+RW

This drive scares me. Once an RW disk has been used, my Sony drive can no longer read them, even if I do a full erase (not the quick one).

I really think I am going to remove it and toss it out. Never ever had a problem with the Sony, so I’ll stick with what works.

Use DVDInfo for erasing/formatting RW media!

I would avoid those Memorex +RW. I would use Philips, Ricoh, TDK and Verbatim only.

I too just purchased a new HP with the TS552L.

1)There was a point where Sonic My DVD Plus would not detect the TS, but this was a system problem as my other DVD Program would not detect it either. A couple of reboots solved the problem shrug

  1. Upon using the Express Labeler, Sonic swore that I did not have a lightscribe media in the drive. This problem, too, was resolved on its own upon reboot. But Sonic(Sure Thing) Technical Support recommended downloading and reinstalling the LightScribe driver software at:

As to the source of these problem, I’m not too sure. The media I use is is Verbatim CD-R with LightScribe, and Maxell DVD-R. The TSH552L is a pretty solid DVD Backup device, I’ve backed up 5 so far and have had 1 error. LightScribe technology is awesome, and LightScribe-like technologies are already burning color images.


Yea, the drive is good, as long as I don’t use the same media in my Sony drive or try to use it in my home DVD player. Now I am talking DVD movies here and not raw data backups… for that I have no issues.

Ok, I’m having some issues as well. I’ve been online and on the phone with Compaq a few times now. My H552L will burn CD’s and DVD’s just fine, no problems there. Sonic is not recognizing my drive as a lightscribe drive when I go to print the labels to the discs. They are lightscribe discs and everything else is working fine.

Compaq got me to reinstall sonic, update the driver and eventually just reinstall windows (great, lost a bit of information that I forgot to backup because I was in a rush to finish getting it working again. My fault I know, but maybe they shouldn’t sell a computer without it working first.)

reinstalled windows. lightscribe worked GREAT! for one disc. Now I have the same problem. It says “there are no lightscribe devices on this system”

I know that there is…my computer is lying to me for some reason.

the download link above dose not work
dose any body know where i can get a copy of the original firmware with the flash utility for a samsung TS-H552L DVD+RW LIGHTSCRIBE drive?

Hi and Welcome![quote=computerman299;2212184]the download link above dose not work
dose any body know where i can get a copy of the original firmware with the flash utility for a samsung TS-H552L DVD+RW LIGHTSCRIBE drive?[/quote]since this is an OEM drive which came as part of a complete computer, you should check the support website of your computer’s manufacturer at first.
Firmwares provided by Samsung directly (see FAQfor links) normally cannot be applied without overriding hardware check (see FAQ also).