Ts h552l reads slow

i just noticed that my dvd rom reads my audio cds and dvd movies slowly (not that much but it’s very noticeable as it has a choppy/skipping quality to it ). i don’t know when it started as i have not used it for a while. i already did disk clean-up and defragmentation. i also tried system restore but my computer is unable to reset it to any of my system restore points. i ran spybot s&d, adaware and trend micro online so my computer is clean. don’t know what else to do as i’ve searched samsung’s website and i can’t find an updated driver for this dvd rom.

btw, i called compaq and they they told me that my system restore had been corrupted that’s why it doesn’t work. i reset the system restore points but that means it also removed all the previous restore points. i can now do system restore but my dvd rom still has the same problem.

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Have you tried checking/enabling DMA?

hi, yes i already checked that and DMA is enabled

i forgot to add that status is still the same, dvd rom still slow.

It depends on the used media and how much system ressource are freely available.

i used an original dvd movie and an audio cd which i burned. both worked fine before. how do i check for system resources?