TS-H552B TS09 is taken out



today I checked www.samsungodd.com
and the TS09 firmware for the TS-H552B is not there any more
any body knows why?


new firmware TS10 is available


they put up the new firmware TS10 and the TS09 back too
so anybody had problem with TS09?
and what are the fixes in TS10?


for the TS10
the korean site report: DVD+RW improvement.
the rest of the sites report: product improvement.


Is anybody running TS10 yet? Is it still possible to set the booktype with TS10?


Still possible for me. :slight_smile: If you experience any problems with TS10, you can always downgrade to TS09.


OK, thanks. Still puzzled why ts09 was removed…


Curious that Samsung just added US06 release message on their Korean-language page when TS-H552U never appeared in South Korea.



Anyone knows if this drive TSH552b is region free, or if i can burn a firmware to make it region free?

Thanks a lot


I don’t think TSH552B is region free, but supossed u can use Any DVD software to make it region free.


you can use DVD43 from www.dvd43.com its free



Every time ODD gives us a new TS firmware they release a new US one, too.

Shoud we wait for a US07 after the TS10?


Because they are 100% identical, is my guess. (Don’t quote me.)