TS-H552B Does not recognise Dual layer disk



Does anyone have this problem, my dvdrw has been burning solid since I got it a year ago, with no problems, I have the most up to date firmware, recently I bought a batch of Verbatim 8x Dual layer DVD-R and the drive does not recognise the disk, it says their is no disk in the drive,

please can someone help? I have searched the forum with no luck


Your drive only supports DVD[B]+[/B]R DL but not DVD[B]-[/B]R DL.
DVD-R DL sucks as a format (IMO), and you should always prefer DVD+R DL for the best compatibility.


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Your drive don’t support dvd-r dl.

Samsung TS-H552B specs. http://www.samsungodd.com/eng/Products/Spec/spec.asp?functionvalue=view&parent_idx=4133&level_idx=4240

Edit: As mentioned by kg-evilboy


thanks guys, life savers, now to sell those disks back to someone…