TS-H552B can't burn at 8x

Hi, bought this drive 2 weeks ago, burned some movies from DVD Shrink on DVD+R MMore 8x media without any problem.

My last MMore disk burned at 8x without any error by Nero but it would not play in my PS2.

Nero CD-DVD Speed return a uncorrectable error on that disk.
After that I bought Samsung 8x media (OPTODISK), same problem, 5 disks become unusable, finally I burned at 4x with no problems.

But at 8x its impossible to burn.

I’ll try today one or two more with new MMore media, after that I will return the drive.

Any thoughts?

Have you read the review?

Yes I did. :o

Tried again last night with Pinacle Instant CD/DVD (the software that came with the drive), another MMore (FUJIFILM03) DVD to garbage.

Looking at the surface of the disk, only half of the disk is burned…but no writing error from the software.

Did one last burn, I defragmented the partition and updated the SIS IDE drivers, and it burn at 8x. :slight_smile:

The Nero CD-DVD Speed read the disk finen only droped a litle bit at the end.

I’ll do some more burns to be certain.

You can use CD-Speed for writing as well now.

so how do you get it to burn at 8x

last tuesday got another bad burn at 8x (Samsung - optodisk or8).
I returned the drive yesterday and I am wating for a reply from the supplier.
Since I bought from a reseller they need to test the drive first before giving me another drive.

Should have waited for the toshiba SD-R5273…