TS-H552B and DVD+RW

Hi to all,

It’s been a long time since my last post here.

Last night I tried a new DVD+RW media (SONY) on my drive to use it with INCD but it seems that it’s not supported.

It seems that “Nero CD-DVD speed” recognises it as a “Philips” DVD+R (DVD+RW …). I knew that should bring the print screens. :doh:

And INCD refuses to format the media.

On the media it’s printed near the centre “DVD+RW 1.2”, could this be the cause?
The drive does not recognise this version?

A few time ago I tried with Sky DVD+RW media and it was fine.



My advice: skip packet-writing software like InCD, use real burning apps only.

Problem solved.

For some reason INCD could not format the dvd, but with “Nero” I managed to create an DVD-ROM/UDF session with some warning that the media was not in the write strategy of the Drive. Writing was limited to 2,4x.

After that with INCD I managed to erase any session in the media and format the DVD+RW. :clap:

Working perfectly.

hi, i have a samsung TS-H552B and it wont read ps2 games when i try to make backups, it just locks my computer. I recently upgraded my firmware and it still wont read the games. Any suggestions?